Accreditation through CIWA is essential to teach or lead at a Catholic school in WA. The good news is, through our interactive and engaging education opportunities, we’ve made the process as simple as possible. We encourage you to explore the possibilities below and consider which pathway is right for you. And, if you need a hand, we’re just a phone call away!


If you’re studying education now, or are thinking about starting, integrating our Catholic Education units with your university studies at ECU, Curtin, Murdoch, or UWA is the simplest way towards accreditation.

Accreditation Courses

Recent graduates and Catholic school teachers can study towards accreditation by completing short, eight-week intensive courses online and in person. You’ll be back in the classroom in no time!


A spiritual and faith formation program for teachers and leaders already accredited. This 12-month program offers a unique experience of spiritual and faith formation to each person.

"As a pre-service teacher, the Catholic Education units at ECU helped me develop a deeper understanding of my own Catholic faith."

"And, as a future role model, how my decisions will influence the students I teach. I want to be a true inspiration as a teacher, and now thanks to my unit studies, I have learned teaching strategies that will be invaluable in a Catholic school.”
— Joanne, Student, Bachelor of Education [Primary], ECU