Galilee is a Spiritual and Faith Formation Program for teachers and leaders in Catholic Schools. In 2019, we’re excited to offer Galilee 1.0: Stepping Stones. Galilee is ideal for teachers and school leaders wanting to explore their faith and spirituality in a way that also supports and empowers their professional work.

We understand that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to spiritual and faith exploration. That’s why this one-year program has been specifically designed to cater to everyone’s unique spiritual and faith formation journey. Galilee offers participants the opportunity to deepen their relationship with God, self, and others. This serves to rediscover and strengthen the balance within their own spiritual well-being and assist Christian professional growth.

Supporting Your Professional Career

Entering into a relationship with God involves entering into the Mystery of God. Sometimes, in the exciting, stressful whirlwind of professional life, it can be difficult to reflect on — and find a way to — communicate what’s it’s like to be in a relationship with God or have an encounter with Him. Galilee can lead you to a greater understanding of the Mystery of God present in your life, as your knowledge and insights increase over the course of the program.

Spiritual experiences are often the beginnings of profound personal change, which impact the choices we make. Through these experiences, we unpack the challenge of freely and boldly proclaiming the Good News, and gain wisdom in living out the faith we profess. Galilee is designed to support Catholic school leaders throughout this process.

As many participants aspire to become leaders of their school communities, the program encourages a greater confidence in promoting a Catholic identity and worldview.

Course Overview

Galilee has four modules — or ‘Gatherings’ — conducted over the year, with one Gathering in each term. The program can contribute to the equivalent of two tertiary units at The University of Notre Dame Australia (Masters courses in Religious Education), towards Accreditation to Lead, as well as satisfy hours for accreditation renewal.

Topics are drawn from the Scriptural and theological foundations of the Catholic spiritual and faith traditions. Throughout Galilee, participants are invited to critically explore the content and to practise prayerful exercises. This deep learning supports teaching from a Catholic perspective within Religious Education and across the school curriculum.


Enquiries about the program may be directed to Jessica Fic.

Jessica Fic
Coordinator; Professional Learning and Formation, Catholic Institute of Western Australia
Phone: (08) 9241 5247

Did You Know?

The Galilee program is named after the resurrection story of Jesus as recorded in Matthew, which states: “Indeed he is going ahead of you to Galilee; there you will see him,” (Matt 28:7b). This verse highlights the idea of a journey which needs to be taken, the result of which is coming face-to-face with Jesus — this notion was the catalyst for Galilee.

In walking the journey, it is our sincere and prayerful hope that participants see Him, not only externally, but — to quote Saint Benedict — with the “eyes of the heart”.