The Catholic Education units at Edith Cowan University helped me to discover more about religious education and more about myself. The units effectively teach all of the aspects of religious education encompassing elements which focus on the teacher and the student. They help future teachers learn to direct their religious education instruction toward the individual which I believe is important in today's pluralistic society. Furthermore, the units are fun and hands on. They allow the learner to personally reflect on each activity thus connecting to the content at a deeper level.

Nikita (student, Bachelor of Education [Early Childhood Studies], ECU)

As a pre-service teacher, studying several Catholic Education units at Edith Cowan has been important to me, as it has helped me to develop a deeper understanding of my own Catholic faith - and as a future role model, how my own decisions will influence the students I teach within a Catholic school.
Through my Catholic studies at ECU, I have also seen for myself how other students from diverse cultures and different backgrounds, can work together to fulfil and uphold the teaching of the Catholic faith to a new generation of young learners.

I want to be a true inspiration as a teacher, and now thanks to my studies in Catholic Education at ECU, I have learned current teaching strategies that will be invaluable when I will teach in a Catholic school.

Joanne (part time student, Bachelor of Education [Primary], ECU)

Throughout my teaching degree, I competed three of the five Catholic Education units offered at Edith Cowan University. The materials and topics covered throughout the units were motivating, engaging, well presented and practical. I gained substantial knowledge, understanding and skills for teaching primary school students religious education. As a result of completing these units, I now have the ability and confidence to teach religious education in Catholic schools.

Emma (student, Bachelor of Education [Early Childhood Studies], ECU)