Mission and Vision

Faith and education are interdependent life-long commitments. Journeys of inquiry and search are essential for faith development. The commitment of the Catholic faith to the free and full development of the human person contributes to the wholeness of all humanity and the transformation of the world.

The Catholic Institute of Western Australia values the broader understanding of faith education that all are co-learners and co-creators who critically reflect on the Catholic tradition, exploring the questions of the times in the light of the teachings of the Church from Vatican II.

The Catholic Institute promotes the mission of the Church through exemplary teaching and learning that empowers for active involvement in society and contributes to growth in spirituality. The Institute emphasises respect for all life and for all persons, just preference for the poor and powerless, collaboration with other churches and faiths, and the development of informed consciences for decision-making.

The Institute fulfils this mission by teaching Scripture, Theology and Religious Education and preparing teachers to continue the mission of the Church in Catholic schools.